TheParish Nursing Ministry Program

St. Mary's Parish Nurse Ministry Program
Ruth E. Williams, RN, MEPD, MSN

A Parish Nurse is a...
Health Educator
-... to identify the health needs of a Parish and plan educational health programs.
-... to utilize resources from the church community-at-large to present educational health programs.
Integrator of Faith & Health
-... to promote an understanding of the relationship between faith, lifestyle, and health.
Personal Health Counselor
-... to discuss health-related issues, to listen and support church members during times of concern.
-... to do home, hospital, and nursing home visits.
Referral Agent
-... to link the congregation to community resources and services.
Health Advocate
-... to assist the client in obtaining what they are entitled to from the health care system.
Volunteer Coordinator
-... Recruit and develop volunteers.
Support Groups Developer
-... to develop support groups to meet the needs of church members.
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Ruth E. Williams, RN, MEPD, MSN