TheParish Nursing Ministry Program

The Basic Parish Nurse Ministry Program
at Viterbo University
Endorsed by the International Parish Nurse Resource Center (IPNRC), Deaconness Parish Nurse Ministry of St. Louis, Mo 63119.
Ruth E. Williams, RN, MEPD, MSN

The Parish Nurse Program Is...
  • a ministry to bring wellness to the congregation.
  • based on the belief that health is growth towards well-being of the body, mind, and spirit.
  • available to all age levels in the congregation.
  • there to help individuals -stay well and create a feeling of deeper caring throughout the church.
  • church-based and tailors its health-related activities to meet the desires and needs of the individual congregation.
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300 Basic Parish Nurse Ministry - 2 to 3 Semester Hours, also offered for CEUS
Coordinator's class offered for CEUS only
The Basic Parish Nurse Ministry Course at Viterbo University focuses on the seven roles of the nurse: Health educator, integrator of faith and health, personal health counselor, referral agent, health advocate, volunteer coordinator, and support program developer. We prepare registered nurses for the unique role of parish nurse ministry.
RN or consent of Instructor Ruth E. Williams, RN, MEPD, MSN.
Contact Ruth Williams.

Ruth E. Williams, RN, MEPD, MSN